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ARCHIVES  Danyliw Seminar 2018

Dmytro Khutkyy

Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Committee (Ukraine)

Dmytro Khutkyy is an accomplished researcher on government reform and transparency and a former professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He is currently the Manager of E-Democracy Group, Reanimation Package of Reforms and the National Researcher at the Independent Reporting Mechanism, Open Government Partnership initiative. He conducts policy-related research and advocacy to promote civic participation, good governance, and institutional change in Ukraine. His mission is to expand capabilities, increase motivation, and strengthen institutions for human empowerment worldwide.



Corruption Risks in Defence Procurement in Ukraine

Dmytro Khutkyy

As the 2014 Ukrainian budget for military spending increased in response to hostilities in the East, so too did the opportunity for corruption. Military journalists estimated a 40% rise in corruption risks, which is an intolerable situation for a country involved in conflict. Khutkyy’s paper brings attention to the biggest corruption risks related to military spending in eastern Ukraine, outlining six distinct corruption risks groups including proximity to officials, collusion, and unjustified or proper reward. Khutkyy scrutinises the procurement cycle as a totality: from planning through pre-award and award to contract administration and contract completion. Using interviews with a diversity of stakeholders, journalist investigations, and third-party reports, his paper aims to build a solid knowledge around the current procurement situation and suggest the best practices required to mediate the associated risks.

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