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ARCHIVES  Danyliw Seminar 2017

Anthony Levitas

Brown University, US

Tony Levitas is a senior research fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University. Besides teaching at Brown, MIT, and the Central European University, Levitas has worked for many bilateral and multilateral institutions concerned with government reform and served as the Research Director of the Polish Ministry of Education's Local Government School-Management Unit.



Whither “Decentralization?”
Local Government Finance Reform, and the Restructuring of Ukraine’s Public Sector

This paper is a summary of a report written for the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development in June 2017. The report, “Caught Mid-Stream: Local Government Finance Reform, and the Restructuring of Ukraine’s Public Sector 2014 to 2016” was co-authored with Jasmina Djikic and financed by the Swedish International Development Agency under the project “Support for Decentralization in Ukraine”. The report is based on the analysis of three years of subnational revenue and expenditure data drawn directly from Ukraine’s Treasury system and covers in much greater detail the evolution of the country’s intergovernmental finance system since 2014. Neither the report, nor this paper could have been written without the technical support and comments of Katya Maynzyuk, Yurij Dzgyhr, Ieva Kalnina, Jan Herczynski, Kostya Gavrylov, and Anatoli Tkachuk.  All errors of fact and interpretation, however, are our own and the views expressed do not reflect either those of the Ministry of Regional Development or SIDA.

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