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ARCHIVES  Danyliw Seminar 2017


Alisa in Warland  (Poland, 2016)

Alisa Kovalenko is a Ukrainian film director. She studied at the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre and Cinema in Kyiv and then at the Andrezj Wajda School in Warsaw. After her first film Sister Zo, her second documentary Alisa in Warland, selected by the prestigious International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), won several international awards. Alisa is finishing her next film Home Games, one of the most awaited documentaries in Ukraine, to be released in 2018.  

Film Screening

Alisa in Warland

POLAND 2016  74 min.

Alisa is a 26-year-old student at the film academy in Kyiv. Her life is pretty normal until Yanukovych refuses to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Suddenly, everything changes: protests erupt in the capital and they turn violent. Alisa witnesses the demonstrations and embarks on a trip through Ukraine in an attempt to understand the war. Her journey takes her to Donbas when she encounters pro-Russian demonstrations. Along the way, she faces shootings, explosions and the searing consequences of the war for the people of her country. Very much against her will, Alisa is then personally caught up in the war when she is arrested by separatists for spying. The risks she is taking also jeopardize her romantic relationship with a French journalist.


Friday 17 November  4.30 - 5.45 PM


Alisa Kovalenko


Alisa Kovalenko

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